About Ames Evans

Evans with one of his favorite guns

Born and raised in Downers Grove, IL, Ames Evans became an active supporter of the Tea Party movement in 2003 after moving to the great state of Texas. Once an officer in the United States Army, he resigned his commission in order to better serve the interests of his country and remove the negative influence of job-stealing and welfare-exploiting illegal immigrants.

As a representative of the Tea Party Express, Evans fights for the total abolishment of federal gun laws, the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants, and a 90% reduction of the government’s annual spending within three years.

In his free time, Evans enjoys firing his extensive weapons collection indiscriminately across the Texas/Mexico border, writing to members of the Tea Party Express who hold office, and finding earmarks in recently drafted legislation. For questions or comments, Evans can be reached at his email address, ames.evans(at) usma.edu.



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